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NOON - 4pm

AU Pair


Au Pair is G-Su Paek + Karen Early.

Karen Early began performing improv with The New Movement Theater in Austin in 2011 and graduated from the year long conservatory in 2012. She has spent the past two years as a main cast member of the weekly improv show The Megaphone Show, teaches improv, and performs and produces shows regularly at The New Movement Theater and around Austin. 

G-Su Paek is a veteran improv performer out of Austin, Texas. He's performed in various comedy festivals around the country such as Fun Fun Fun Fest, The Big Little Comedy Festival, and Hell Yes Fest. He can be found weekly playing in The Megaphone Show or teaching improv at The New Movement Theater.




Nathan started his comedy career as an improviser, coming through The New Movement's training program and joining troupes Pilot's License (failed TV pilots) and Super Shakes (2014 Summer League Champions) along the way. While learning the foundations of improv, Nathan started writing sketches and performing stand-up. His inspiration comes from unique, honest storytelling with the unique perspective that comes from being the type of weirdo to do comedy in the first place.


7- 11pm



Katie Stone and Nick Saverino are stand up comedians in Austin, TX and perform all over town. Katie runs two stand-up shows at the New Movement, a sex and dating show called Naughty Bits the first Sunday of every month and improvised stand-up the third Sunday of every month called Set/Reset. Katie also writes and performs with sketch troupe Taken Seriously. Nick moved to Austin from Springfield, MO in summer of 2014 and quickly established himself in Austin's growing scene. He co-produces a comedic storytelling show every month called "We Still Like You," which travels between individuals' homes and has a theme of self-acceptance.

Together they're calling themselves "Stonerino" because overall they make pretty bad decisions. You might say Katie and Nick are geniuses at being dumbasses.